RTK is not Dead! Breathe new life into your base station.
RTK Never Looked Better! True line-of-site 450/900 MHz signal coverage, accuracy layers to 8 and 16 miles, tower icon, rings for CORS potential and more.
Improve your ability to make correction recommendations: true fixed/mobile RTK base station coverage, find or verify repeater locations, gauge CORS potential.
Finally, true line-of-site signal coverage maps for all makes and models of 450/900 MHZ RTK base stations, including but not limited to: Trimble, John Deere, Leica, Topcon and Beeline.
Market your data! Create and share unlimited copies. Leverage data to create customized maps and SketchUps to share in Google Earth.

Advancing RTK Through Custom Mapping Services


Redtail Cartography provides services designed to create custom database files to be viewed in the free version of Google Earth. Google Earth provides a rich, three-dimensional medium, which can be used to enhance and add value to your data.

Cartography Services Designed for Precision Ag

Redtail Cartography primarily offers services to create virtual maps, as tools, to help our customers make better, more informed management decisions. We also provide additional consulting services to assist you in creating physical maps from your virtual data. Our flagship service, creating custom RTK signal propagation map files, ultimately provides users with the means to confidently communicate, improve and expand the coverage of RTK base stations, both in existing and proposed locations. These services are designed specifically for anyone who operates one or more RTK base stations in fixed, semi-permanent or mobile applications.

“The information gleaned from Redtail’s signal propagation information on one of our base stations proved to be extremely accurate and has provided excellent guidance on where to place a repeater to best cover the areas not reached by the base station’s radio. This eliminated time that would have been spent in trial-and-error type location testing. We’ll definitely be using the service to decide on the location and height of the next base station we install as well.”

—Hope Lewis, Precision Farming Specialist – Fairbanks International, A Division of Titan Machinery

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